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Program Details

After enrollment, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your course via our online learning center. It is simple and very easy to navigate!

The time commitment will vary weekly. We suggest prioritizing at least 90 minutes a week for watching the videos, reading blog posts and listening to the recommended podcasts. Additionally, we will teach you practices that you can integrate into your daily routines. Ultimately how much time you dedicate is up to you. 🙂

Content is released on a weekly basis. This allows us to take you on a journey and for you to receive the guidance in manageable amounts. Once enrolled you will receive access to two Upgrade Collective Courses, series 1 and 2.


Upgrade Collective Course Series 1: The Bulletproof Diet (15 weeks), then Fast This Way (10 weeks), then Head Strong (13 weeks) and then  Super Human (14 weeks). 52 weeks total.


Upgrade Collective Course Series 2: Game Changers. 42 weeks total (available starting May 1st).

On alternate Thursdays at 10am PT (pacific time) our Coaches hold a group coaching session called 'Upgrade You'.

The focus in these sessions is on how to personalize and implement what you are learning into behavioral change. It’s also a great way to meet and connect with your tribe! It will be fun and enlightening!

These last one-hour and take place (usually) on Thursdays at 10am PT (Pacific Time). Included within your membership is access to 20+ calls in the first year.

If you can’t make them live, they will be recorded and made available for you. 🙂

Human Potential Institute was started 7 years ago by Dave Asprey and Dr. Mark Atkinson, MBBS. We’ve trained more than 1,000 people to become Coaches in the program which has earned the highest level certification possible for a coach training program.


  • Weekly teaching videos from Dave Asprey
  • Access (one week at a time) to five of Dave’s courses: The Bulletproof Diet, Game Changers, Fast this Way, Head Strong & Super Human
  • Dave's recommendations for which blog posts and podcasts to listen to
  • 20+ Live Q&A calls with Dave
  • Alternate weekly Coach-lead 'Upgrade You' community calls
  • Bonus access to the Human Potential Institute flagship personal development course: Be Unlimited
  • Support from our Coaches and private Facebook community
  • Bonus guest appearances and discounts

Once enrolled you have access to the 5 Dave Asprey courses, FB group, the community calls and group coaching sessions for 12 months. Access will then stop, unless you choose to renew your subscription. If you renew in year two, you will be able to continue to access everything from year one and, commence our hugely exciting year two program! Details will be released January 2022!


Pay for your membership to The Upgrade Collective with 3 to 18 installments with our partner Splitit. You select the number of installments at checkout.


We only want people who are committed to genuine transformation and engaging with us for the full year. With this in mind we do not provide a refund for The Upgrade Collective.